Tutorial: Keyword Brainstorming Tool

Keyword Brainstorming, Tutorial
Among the many steps of the keyword research process, the keyword brainstorming phase is just as crucial as any of the other steps. There are a lot of good things that can come from it: You can find new keywords with decent average monthly searches with low CPC that you can target. You can get new ideas for your blog posts. You can uncover new directions to develop for your business. You’ll have a better understanding of your niche. You can find new, yet overlapping markets to pursue. You can create your website’s silo structure. With these benefits in mind, business owners should never skip the process of brainstorming for new keywords despite how tedious or mundane they might find the task to be. Our Keyword Brainstorming tool makes the…
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Tutorial: Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker, Tutorial
Tracking your website's ranking (and your competitors’) for the keywords that are valuable to your business should be a part of your marketing way of life. Not only will you be able to uncover bajillions of opportunities to get more traffic, leads, and sales by doing this, but you’d also be alerted should something unfortunate happen to your website (e.g., getting penalized by Google or your competitors outranking you on your money keywords). If you want to pay close attention to your online business’ health and spy on your competitors’ websites to get a better understanding of how to improve your marketing campaigns, then you’re in the right place. Allow me to share with you how our RankTracker tool works. That way, you’ll see first hand how user-friendly and clutter-free…
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Tutorial: Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research, Tutorial
There are several ways you can benefit from using our Keyword Research tool: You can find “low-hanging” keywords with decent traffic but aren’t that difficult to rank. You can get truckloads of insight about the keywords, helping you decide whether targeting a certain keyword would be too much of a mission, or if it’d be a feasible keyword to target. You can find long tail keywords in seconds and evaluate them for ranking difficulty. You can find clues on how to outrank your competitors. You can find websites that are perfect to target for link building. Etc. Of course, these are just some of the many ways you can use our program to help you with your keyword research. The best part is, our dashboard looks clean, clutter-free, user-friendly, yet…
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